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We live in a three-bedroom house and at the time we got Brendan, builders were already adding an extension to the back of the house. We brought Brendan in to install laminate flooring in the downstairs kitchen, living room and hall.
Prior to Brendan, I had looked at places around here and gotten a few quotes but I wasn't sold on them because they told me the job could be done without it being necessary to level off the floor. I had done some research and knew that the floor would need to be smoothed out.

I found Brendan online and gave him a ring because I liked the comments I saw on his site. We met up, had a chat and he told me what he could do. He came straight out and told me that the floor would need to be leveled out to do the job right. After hearing that, I knew the job would be done properly.

I really liked Brendan's manner. It wasn't pushy and it wasn't the gift of the gab that when you hear it you think "whatever". He came in and was honest and straightforward with no airs or graces.
I had a pretty good idea because I had done some research beforehand.
Since I already kind off knew what I wanted, including the colours, it wasn't really necessary. What was helpful though was that Brendan brought me samples to look at so that I could make a final decision.
I would say it was absolutely perfect. Brendan was here at 8:00 AM, worked around the builders and would stay until the work that needed to be done was done, even if it meant staying until 8:00 PM. The whole job took about 4– 5 days. That included leveling off the floors, putting down the underlay, cutting the boards and installing them. It wasn't like a makeshift job like I've seen in other places, Brendan has a carpentry background and is very skilled.
Brendan also went above and beyond doing extra nice things he didn't need to do. For instance, we have a very heavy statue we brought back from China. Brendan built us a little stand for it with wheels so that if we ever have to move it, we can do so easily. Little things like that that someone who works for a big company wouldn't have done. It made a nice difference.

When the job was finished, Brendan told us that if there was ever a problem with the flooring that he would be back to get it sorted and I really trust that he would do that. I feel Brendan really looks after his customers even after the job is done.
The biggest benefit for me was that Brendan was trustworthy. I have a small child and my husband works shifts so I need someone who's going to be here when he says he will. Brendan's very reliable that way and was always in contact with us. If he said he was going to be here at 8:00 AM, he was here at 8:00 AM. With Brendan there was no messing around, he was here to do a job and he did it. That's important when you have a family and you're living out of one room. Brendan made things easier for us.

Another thing I liked was that the price quoted at the beginning of the job was the final price at the end. There were no add-ons or hidden surprises.
Yes I would, absolutely. Since the work has been carried out, I've had friends come over and they comment that the flooring work was an amazing job and looks lovely.
Monica Pelazza

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We were very pleased with his work. Brendan was great in terms of giving us ideas about things, and advising us as well on good quality floors and where we could get them.
Sebastian Boes
Brendan was magnificent and the finish is flawless. He has a real talent and I think his quality of work is good enough for a high market.
John Barrett
The biggest benefit for me was that Brendan was trustworthy. If he said he was going to be here at 8:00 AM, he was here at 8:00 AM ... there was no messing around. Brendan really looks after his customers even after the job is done.
Monica Pelazza
The biggest benefit to me was that the work was carried out to such a high level. Brendan worked very neatly as well. We're delighted with the workmanship.
Therese Fallon
On time, superb craftsmanship and very tidy afterwards
Narut Byrne