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On time, superb craftsmanship and very tidy afterwards
Flooring/ Scotia
Good recommendations by others online/ pictures of works on facebook
Some but Trinity really helps us with our ideas
Yes, the way that the floor is laid, which type of laminate to look for, how to overcome technical challenges
On time, superb craftsmanship and very tidy afterward
How the floor is laid
The carpentry expertise, the attention to details and impartial advice on how to achieve the best results
Narut Byrne

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We were very pleased with his work. Brendan was great in terms of giving us ideas about things, and advising us as well on good quality floors and where we could get them.
Sebastian Boes
Brendan was magnificent and the finish is flawless. He has a real talent and I think his quality of work is good enough for a high market.
John Barrett
The biggest benefit for me was that Brendan was trustworthy. If he said he was going to be here at 8:00 AM, he was here at 8:00 AM ... there was no messing around. Brendan really looks after his customers even after the job is done.
Monica Pelazza
The biggest benefit to me was that the work was carried out to such a high level. Brendan worked very neatly as well. We're delighted with the workmanship.
Therese Fallon
On time, superb craftsmanship and very tidy afterwards
Narut Byrne